Important Tips for People with Herpes

In America at least 45 million people, including adolescents and adults have genital herpes. Thus it is categorized as one of the most common sexually spread disease. At the end of 1970’s the number of Americans infected with genital herpes increased to 30 percent and most of these victims were teenagers and young adults. This viral disease is more common in women, than it is in men. One of the major reasons behind the spread of this disease is unprotected sex. So, it is important for people with herpes to protect not only themselves but also their partners.

Protecting Your Partner

  • While having anal or vaginal sex it is important that you use a condom.

  • People with herpes should never forget to use a condom while they are having oral sex.

  • Even if you are using a condom or a dental dam you should avoid having sex, during the time of outbreaks. Although using a condom or a dental dam significantly reduces the chances of infecting an uninfected person. But there are slight chances that your uninfected partner gets infected as his/her skin may come in contact with your infected body parts.

How to Figure Out You Have Herpes?

Many people having herpes, have very insignificant or no symptoms or signs of the disease. When the first attack of herpes occurs, it usually follows the course given below.

  • Skin around or on the genital area becomes inflamed. Your skin might itch, burn or be painful.

  • Sores which look like blisters will appear on or around your sex organs.

  • You might have swollen glands with fever, headache and muscle aches.

What Initiates a Herpes Outbreak?

It is important for people with herpes to know what instigate this disease. Following are some of the common reasons that trigger the outbreaks.

  • Illness

  • Stress

  • Monthly periods

  • Having Sex with different people

  • Surgery

  • Diet

Pregnancy and Genital Herpes

Pregnant women should be very careful if they have herpes, especially at the time of delivery. If you have an outbreak at the time of delivery, its better to have a caesarean section delivery rather than the normal one. If you have a vaginal delivery during the outbreak, the chances of transmitting the disease to the baby are very high. Herpes infection can be very serious in newborns. It is important that you talk to your doctor if you have herpes and you are pregnant.

The first outbreak usually is painful and it lasts for weeks. Once the outbreak has ended the virus retreats to the nervous system, and remain there until something else triggers it. Usually, another breakout appears after few weeks or months of the first one. The second breakout is less severe and is of shorter duration. The infection cannot be eliminated, and it remains in your body forever, however with time the number of outbreaks decreases and it becomes less painful.

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