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Herpes and Dating – Is this possible for couples?

Herpes has been associated with people who are dirty or immoral. People assume that someone who has herpes is extremely promiscuous or of loose character. However, this is not true at all. It is like every other commonly occurring disease and every 1 out of 5 Americans has it. This does not mean that they all are of a low moral character. But anyone who is a normal citizen will have to understand that dating and herpes often go hand in hand. dating with hpv

What causes herpes?

Genital and oral herpes are caused by HPV 2 and HPV type 1 respectively. Unlike other STD’s that are contracted through careless and flagrant sexual behavior, herpes can be contracted through something as innocent as kissing. Therefore, it is hard to avoid as well as hard to spot. But it causes physical discomfort as much as any other STD. 

When people are diagnosed with genital or oral herpes, they feel ashamed and cut off from the world. They think as if they might have done some something wrong. However, it is important to remember that unlike AIDS and gonorrhea, this disease is through little fault of the person and more of a chance.

Herpes and dating go hand in hand – is this possible?

Many people experience an emotional isolation when the doctor diagnoses them with herpes. Most people might think that their dating and love life will come to an end. Here are the things that people with herpes must remember:

Retain self confidence:

People who have herpes must remember that their situation is not uncommon or unique. It happens with many more people. You are not alone. Look around and see how they are living their lives normally and gain back your

You aren’t going to die:

One of the most common and silly fear that people have is of dying despite the doctors are telling them that it does not kill you though it is dangerous. You must understand that it may be painful, but it isn’t lethal. Taking the proper amount of vitamins, especially lysine, can not only soothe herpes, but also help prevent an outbreak.

Dating with herpes is possible:

The only difficult thing when dating someone with herpes is breaking it to your potential partner. Sit down with him or her, and come clean. After that everything will go on as normal, you only have to avoid contact when you have a breakout. Breakouts can be as frequent as once a month, but their frequency decreases within 3 to 4 years.