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Facts about Cold Sores, Herpes and HPV for Those Who are Not Aware of Such Diseases

Cold sores

People often do not know what is cold sore so from this animation you will learn what you should and shouldn’t do when you have a cold sore. For more informations about cold sores please read this great ebook about how to get rid of cold sores fast.

Herpes and HPV, both are viral infections generally taken as sexually transmitted disease. In majority of cases they both are taken as the same but that’s not right as there is a difference between Herpes and HPV. Both of these are contagious viral infections that can transfer the virus from one person to another either through direct skin connection or by sharing items of daily usage.

Common Differences

  • Herpes is incurable after its first outburst while there is a chance to cure HPV up to 90%.
  • Herpes has only two types while HPV has more than 100 types
  • Herpes has visible symptoms while there are no visible symptoms in many cases of HPV.